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The Billfish Foundation bestows Club of Excellence award to OCLTC
Posted May 29, 2018
The Billfish Foundation will acknowledge the Ocean City Light Tackle Club in November 2018 with its Club of Excellence Award. The Ocean City Light Tackle Club and its members are very grateful for the TBF's recognition of the clubs history and dedication to billfish release fishing.


The OCLTC Tournaments are known as "DERBIES."
We have both Individual and Team Winners.
(Club/Derby Champions Combined in 1956)
1947-James O'Donnell, Jr.-Club
1947-W. Barney Harris-Derby
1948-W. Barney Harris-Club
1948-W. Barney Harris-Derby
1949-Louis S. Allen-Club
1949-Thomas F. Healy-Derby
1950-Alan Ferguson-Club
1950-Louis S. Allen-Derby
1951-Paul V. Mumford-Club
1951-Paul V. Mumford-Derby
1952-John E. Larson-Club
1952-Louis S. Allen-Club
1952-John E. Larson-Derby
1953-Osbourn Owing-Club
1953-Harry Fowler-Derby
1954--Claude Whitfield-Club
1954-Perry Van Vleck-Derby
1955-John E. Larson-Club
1955-Reginald Foster-Derby
1955-Howard Waller-Derby
1956-Charles L. Stout
1957-Reginald Foster
1958-Solon B. Kemon
1959-Jim O Donnell
1960-Paul Mumford
1961-Edward Joy
1962-Jim O Donnell
1963-John Larson
1964-William B. Wheeler
1965-Joe Barse
1966-Perry Van Vleck
1967-Russell S. Kline
1968-Charles R. Bailey
1969-John F. Kerkam
1970-W. Reese Layton
1971-Wm. B. Wheeler
1972-Bob Herder
1973-Perry Van Vleck
1974-Paul Mumford
1975-Paul Mumford
1976-Louis S. Allen
1977-Barry Fitzpatrick
1978-Walt Flanagan
1979-John E. Scott
1980-John M. Snyder
1981-Tom Pickford
1982-Solon Kemon
1983-Solon Kemon
1984-Tom Maddox
1985-Tom Maddox
1986-Claiborne Gooch
1987-Warner Sutton
1988-Bob Herder
1989-Bruce Bartenfelder
1990-Gilbert W. Keech
1991-Bob Herder
1992-Merrell Stout
1993-Tony Calabrese
1994-Carlos Bentos
1995-Tony Calabrese
1996-Wayne Six
1997-Tom Maddox
1998-Richard Barrazotto
1999-John Beddow
2000-Brad Watkins
2001-Bob Herder
2002-Wayne Six
2003-Edward Joy
2004-John Bailey
2005-Tom Jackson
2006-Tony Calabrese
2007-Brad Watkins
2008-Wayne Six
2009-Mike Sparco
2010-Randy deLeon
2011-Wayne Six
2012-John Murray
2013-Rob Readmond
2014-Jonathan Weisheit
2015-Matt Barrazotto
2016-Richard Barrazotto
2017-Dan Doane
2018-Dale Creamer
2019-Wayne Six
2020-Rob Readmond
2021-Matt Barrazotto
2022-Rob Readmond
2023-Jim Kramer

1965-Luttrell, Mumford, Fowler
1966-Pickford, Snyder, Murray
1967-Swanson, Janoschka, M. Collins
1968-L. Allen, D. Bailey, Kline
1969-Davis, duPont, Bryce
1970-Clark, Layton, J. Owings
1971-Shelton, R. Maddox, D. Bailey
1972-Shelton, Herder, Layton
1973-Fitzpatrick, Bryce, Gardner
1974-Barse, Fitzpatrick, Wheeler
1975-WheelerConley, Mumford
1976-L. Allen, Kerkam, Layton
1977-Fitzpatrick, Hartshorn, Doane
1978-Ong, Barse, Fitzpatrick
1979-Flanagan, Scott, Barse
1980-Snyder, Howard, Shelton
1981-Pickford, Joy, Lorentz
1982-Lorentz, Doane, J. Beddow
1983-Wheeler, J. Beddow, German
1984-T. Maddox, Kemon, Sanderson
1985-Kemon,VanVleck, Buckler
1986-Gooch, Watkins, Bartenfelder
1987-Calabrese, Lorentz, W.W. Wheeler

1988-J. Beddow, Herder, T. Maddox
1989-Bentos, Herder, Scott

1990-Keech, Wright, Fitzpatrick
1991-Herder, D. Collins, J. Bailey
1992-M. Stout, D. Collins, Lee Buckler
1993-Calabrese, D. Collins, Herder
1994-Bentos, Purner, Meers
1995-D. Bailey, Watkins, Calabrese
1996-D. Bailey, German, Heath
1997-T. Maddox, Purner, Heath
1998-Richard Barrazotto, Terry Detrich
1999-Terry Detrich, John Zimmer (guest)
2000-Brad Watkins, Chuck DiNapoli
2001-Bob Herder, Tom Maddox
2002-Joe Zimmer, Matthew Barrazotto
2003-John Zimmer, Matthew Barrazotto
2004-Richard Joy Tim McGuire
2005-Tom Jackson, David Gray
2006-Tony Calabrese, Richard Barrazotto
2007-Brad Watkins, Matthew Barrazotto
2008-Wayne Six, Fred Ames
2009-Burton Gray, Joe Schwartz
2010-Ed Joy, John Simmonds, Matt Barrazotto
2011-Tony Calabrese, J. Carbone, Matt Barrazotto
2012-Mike Sparco, John Zimmer III, Jim Frack
2013-Rob Readmond, Tony Calabrese
2014-John Bailey, Jay Depotter, Tim McGuire
2015-Matt Barrazotto, Mark Galasso
2016-Tony Calabrese, Jim Kramer, Jim Motsko
Joy, Dick Mullholland, Pat Svehla
2018-Matt Barrazotto, Jay Depotter
2019-Bill Evans, Wayne Six
2020-Dale Creamer, Bill Evans
2021-Richard and Matt Barrazotto (father/son)
2022-Rob Readmond, Jim Giles
2023-Barrazotto, C. Calabrese, J. Motsko
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