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The Billfish Foundation bestows Club of Excellence award to OCLTC
Posted May 29, 2018
The Billfish Foundation will acknowledge the Ocean City Light Tackle Club in November 2018 with its Club of Excellence Award. The Ocean City Light Tackle Club and its members are very grateful for the TBF's recognition of the clubs history and dedication to billfish release fishing.

THE 2010's

In 2010, Tim Mcguire chaired the 63rd Derby in Isla Mujeres, MX, a favorite spot for the club.  15 anglers caught 321 sails over three days of fishing.  Records are made to be broken and this Derby not only shattered some records, but made it one for the record books.  There were an average of 21.4 fish and the top three anglers all caught more than 25 fish breaking the record set in 2002. Tommy Murray chaired Derby 64 which was held in Iztapa, Guatemala.  This turned out to be another great fishing venue producing an average of 18.8 fish caught per angler. Wayne Six won his 4th Derby tying him with Bob Herder for the most Derby wins in Club history. 

Oregon Inlet, NC was the site of Derby 65 chaired by Jim Motsko in September, 2012.  This Derby marked the highest derby participation of any Derby with 42 contestants.  There were so many highlights, including 2 boats had Grand Slams, 2 boats with Double Grand Slams, and 3 angler Grand Slams.  THe 66th Derby was held back in Panama at Tropic Star and chaired by Randy Deleon.  It was characterized by extremely slow billfishing as evidenced by a 6-way tie for first place with 2 fish and the winner being determined on time.  The tuna fishing by contrast was remarkable.

Isla Mujeres, MX was the site of Derby 67 chaired by John Simmonds. Fishing started off slow, especially compared to the prior Isla Derby but improved as the days went on. There were three leader changes along the way for both individual angler and team positions. Rookie member Jonathan Weisheit tied long-time member Dick Mulholland and ended winning on time. In 67 Derbies, this is only the 5th time a rookie member has won.  

Derby 68 was held at the famous Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala chaired by Rob Readmond.  There were 32 anglers and this Derby holds the record for most billfish ever caught at a Derby with 422!  Matt Barrazotto had a good day on day one with 12 and never looked back finishing with 24 to take top honors.  The 69th Derby was held in Crocodile Bay Resort, Costa Rica.  This was a new location for the club and everyone had a good time.  Richard Barrazotto, an elder statesman of the club, won this Derby with a total of 14 fish.  

Derby #70 had the club heading back to Oregon Inlet, NC chaired by John Bailey.  The Derby was marked by uncertainty as Hurricane Irma was due to roll right through FL to NC.  Instead, she ended up going inland making it possible for the Derby to go on as planned.  Doane went on to win and his performance would be capped by catching  a double header on days 1 and 2 and having another double header on day three catching only one of the two to secure the win.
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